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Email Classification

Email Classifier

Email Classification - Labelling, Protective Marking & Release Control for Secure Messaging

Email is the primary collaboration tool in most organisations, so it’s no surprise that it’s a common source of information leakage, with most data loss caused by user error. Boldon James Email Classifier is an email classification product that puts labelling at the heart of data loss prevention by giving users the option to apply relevant visual labels to Microsoft Outlook email messages and embed those labels into the email metadata.

Classifier labels enforce an organisation's rules on handling and release of email, automatically invoking other technologies such as encryption or rights management.

The result of email classification is increased user awareness of the sensitivity of information, the ability to provide evidence that applicable regulations have been met and the opportunity to boost the return on your investments in DLP, encryption, archiving & storage, e-discovery, information rights management and ERDMS.

Product Benefits

  • Enforces information assurance policies
  • Raises user awareness of security policies
  • Enhances data loss prevention (DLP) measures
  • Controls unstructured information
  • Prevents internal and external data leakage
  • Drives Microsoft Windows Rights Management policies, plus email encryption and signing
  • Automatically protects the most sensitive content
  • Provides visibility of user behaviour and compliance position
  • Low deployment and administration costs

Works With

  • Data Loss Prevention solutions, such as: Symantec Data Loss Prevention, McAfee Data Loss Prevention
  • Document Management systems, such as: Autonomy Meridio, EMC Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint, Digi-link Revelation
  • Archiving solutions, such as: Symantec Enterprise Vault
  • Gateway Security solutions, such as: M86 MailMarshal Secure Email Gateway, Symantec PGP Universal Server
  • Cloud services, such as: Email Content Control & Microsoft Office 365
  • Encryption solutions, such as: Egress Switch

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