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Boldon James has partnered with Microsoft for 16 years

Microsoft Partnership

Boldon James have been partnering with Microsoft for over 15 years. Original formalised in 1996 with Gold Independent Software Vendor (ISV) status, our relationship has gone from strength to strength, and in 2006 Microsoft elevated Boldon James to be their Global Go-To-Market Partner for 'Messaging in Defence and Public Safety'. This highest level of Partner status, combined with our long standing relationship, provides Boldon James with a unique level of access to new Microsoft products, development and commercial support which is not available to other independent software vendors in the data classification and messaging sector. Microsoft and Boldon James continue to align product and sales strategies to deliver unique solutions that extend the Microsoft suite of products, including Office, Outlook, Sharepoint and Exchange.

"As a company that works closely with partners to meet the needs of customers around the world, we’ve been working to identify a number of leading independent solution vendors with expertise in these markets & a proven record of delivering Microsoft-based solutions. Boldon James, with its offerings for messaging, collaboration & chat, was a logical choice."

Tim Bloechl, Executive Director for Worldwide Public Safety and National Security, Microsoft   

Relationship Highlights

  •   Global ‘Go To Market’ Partner for Defence Messaging
  •   Relationships at Global, Defence and Country levels
  •   Part of major Homeland Security initiatives
  •   Development-level relationships direct with Redmond, U.S.
  •   Extend core Microsoft products including Outlook, Office, SharePoint & Exchange
  •   Supplier of LDAP technology in Microsoft Outlook
  •   MS Exchange X.400 support
  •   Visibility of products and releases 6-12 months in advance
  •   Advantage to Support function
  •   Ability to influence direction e.g. X.400 in Exchange 2007

Compatible Products  

We extend the capabilities of a variety of Microsoft products, including Outlook, Office, Exchange and SharePoint. This includes the following products:

  • Boldon James Classifier

    Boldon James Classifier

    The Classifier Enterprise range includes Email, OWA, Office, File, Power, SharePoint and Mobile – providing visual and metadata labelling for messages, documents and files across multiple platforms.

  • Enterprise Address Book

    Enterprise Address Book

    Enterprise Address Book is an enhancement to Microsoft Outlook which provides users with a powerful, flexible Address Book and directory browser for searching and exploring multiple or complex directories from a single desktop client. Enterprise Address Book is also available for Outlook Web Access.

  • SAFEmail


    Our specialist SAFEmail® product range extends basic Microsoft Outlook to support a wide range of NATO and Allied messaging standards to enable National Defence and Intelligence organisations to classify emails and enforce security policies for military signals communications.



    Our IMPART client and server applications and gateways connect users to legacy applications on Fujitsu-ICL mainframes. IMPART is available for Windows and UNIX platforms and provides for connectivity from desktops and web browsers, or as a gateway between applications.

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Keep Up To Date

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